About Us

M/s AGRO VISION (An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company) based at Ranchi has a great deal of experience in agriculture equipment Business for small and marginal farmers and especially to women farmers.

The organisation was established on 2nd December 2013 to promote the concept of mechanization in agriculture by offering a wide range of advanced machines in Sowing and inter culture operation/ Weeding, Field preparation, Furrow opening like Manual Seed drill, Various types of Weeders, Manual Ridger, Manual Furrow opener, Thresher, Nursery Transplanter, Portable Shed Net House etc., to deliver high quality products at a fair price and value to the Agricultural industry.

With over 25 years of experience in development sector, Agro Vision has fructified into one of the leading agricultural equipment firm in eastern India with solutions for all types of manufacturing units and sales offices. Our focus has been on providing customer centric advice to ensure most economical and need based agricultural equipment solutions are provided to our clients.

Our firm continues to maintain or exceed standards that are demanded by the best companies in India which is reflected in a diversified customer. We have a fabrication facility in Ranchi, Jamshedpur and are ably supported by our sister concern in Agra , We are a professionally managed organisation and believe in sustainable, and enjoyable long-term relationships with our key stakeholders--including employees, customers, bankers, suppliers and local communities members.

Who we Are

The global agriculture equipment market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.9 per cent till 2025. Some of the factors driving the growth of this market are adoption of technology and escalating demand for food due to growing population. The market is expected to expand due to the increasing government initiatives along with high adoption rate of tractors and harvesters in the farming. Around 70 per cent of Indian population consist of either farmers or involved in some activities related to agricultural. Out of which about 78 per cent are small and marginal farmers with small and marginal land holdings. Major problem that prevail in this context is that marginal farmers believe higher technology is complex. Second challenge that this sector faces is exorbitant cost of equipment and need of high investment into variety of equipment, size, and technology for different conditions and crops.

Agro Vision is addressing the challenges by democratizing the technology among small & marginal farmers. It was established with the vision of providing variety of equipment of every size and technology for different climatic conditions and crops. Agro Vision offers and manufactures the product from the viewpoint of the changing and evolving needs of the customer and thus, provides highly modernized and cost effective products. It is doing best to make farming high yielding, sustainable and profit making venture. It has set its target to reach these farmers and collectively increase the produce of the farming community. Agro Vision offers quality product, sound interactions in transactions with customers, building profitable lasting relationship between the customers and the business organization. Therefore, the means to customer satisfaction is by offering the best quality products and customer services that they expect or want.

The company makes products that significantly reduce drudgery if you have quality equipment. Human hands are really able to do everything, but since time is money, quality small farm equipments will help farmers the complete task in short time. For example, seed drills, etc. can save farmer a lot of time, and that saved time can be used by the farmer to increase his productivity by engaging in different activity and increase the efficiency. When it comes to farming equipment, more expensive does not necessarily mean quality.

The money farmers usually spend on regular equipment and on hiring extra workers can instead be invested by them in quality equipment and increase efficiency and lower fixed costs. It also reduces drudgery for small and marginal farmers.

“The growth in terms of revenue is also satisfactory although our growth has not skyrocketed but it is steady and gradually reaching our target audience,”. “Major companies are dealing with equipment like tractors and other power base equipment but the need of the farming community is basically the small equipment which can be easily operated by the women farmers also. As the land holding of the small and marginal farmers are very less, therefore operation of small tools become a necessity,”

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